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This review applies to version 3.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Sometimes you might not realize that you’ve exceeded your Download Allowance, and your service will seem sluggish.

The Status Meter is a small application that resides in your system tray (Windows) or Dock (Mac OSX) and monitors your Download Allowance. If you exceed your allowance, the Status Meter will alert you right away and provide you quick or automated resolution with a Restore Token.

You may set the Status Meter to automatically use any available tokens (Complementary or Pre-Paid) that you may have from the Settings menu (Right-click on the Status Meter icon in your System Tool tray). The default setting is “off” upon installation. The meter will monitor your downloads and automatically use an available token just before the Download Allowance for your service plan is reached.

Should the Status Meter turn Red and pop up, you have exceeded the Download Allowance for your service plan. If you have opted to manually use a restore token, you may do so right from the meter or by going to the Restore Token site. Once a token is used, your Download Allowance is immediately reset and your speeds will return to normal.

Latest comments

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    Guest Last year

    Terrible tool. Once it's there, you will never be able to remove it. Even after you've moved on from HughesNet to Excede!

  • 0
    Philip McClure 3 years ago

    Good tool that lets you know your FAP status